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16 March 2009 @ 02:43 pm
St Pat's  

Finding yourself at a loss for how to mark St Pat's this year? I've got a suggestion: join the time-honoured tradition of spending it at Ye Olde Bull and Bush.

Sounds fantastic, who'll be playing there that night, then?

Oh, thanks very much for asking!

Playing the best in Irish jigs and reels will be Scarin' the Horses, which shall include John Burleson (one of the region's finest Irish-style guitarists), Mike Hryekewicz (a fantastic fiddle player late of Lost Tribe and down visiting us from Sunny Portland), and Gypsy Youngraven (recognise that name? So do I :D)

Ye Olde Bull and Bush can be found at:

2300 Montgomery Street (about 4 blocks  North of I-30)
Ft. Worth, Texas 76107-4521

We can be found there beginning round 7.30 and until...well, Until. I hope to see everybody out there. :D

Cheers and beers,